Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer

Every web designer hates IE

Hanging, electric chair, firing squad. I really just can’t choose which way I want Internet Explorer to be executed*. It is the bane of any sane designers life and simply deserves the death penalty.

Why? Need I mention the security issues with IE6 that made world news? Or the fact  that it doesn’t read a website correctly?

More modern browsers, such as Chrome or Safari, support these new technologies that are emerging. HTML5 and CSS3 are part of the web whether you like it or not. Yet, for some reason certain browsers don’t support these various advances.

We are staying on top of these advances by designing for the future, sites that are coded to web standards and allow space for expansion. (And we’ve gotten quite good with hacks that allow IE users to utilize our sites despite their inferior browser choice.) Our style certainly embraces the future of the internet, and does away with wasting time trying to kill Internet Explorer dragons on Insane Difficulty.

Now back to killing Internet Explorer

*Internet Explorer 9 is given a state pardon (for now)

BONUS: If your IT department (another thing we’d like to implode) requires you use Internet Explorer on your network, try this hack which makes Chrome look like IE to a network.

Image credit: Gadgetsteria

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